anti-Japan education


This is a sight in Korea on one day in last year.
Many children's works were displayed in the subway.

Please see their works.

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I am at a loss for words to find these works. When such works appeared on the net, many Korea watchers can save their trouble of explaining what anti-Japan education is.

These pictures are all drawn by many school children who are taught to see a specific country as their enemy. How did their teachers lead the children? Does anyone hesitate to expose such pictures at a public appearance?

It is easy to understand.

I don't know what Koreans around you say, but such pictures(they say, posters) are familiar to most Koreans.

Because Korean school had such classes(Drawing anti-Japan Posters) in the 1970s at the latest.

--- From "Wind of skirt" by O Seonhwa( A Korean essayist and Cultural scholar living in Japan) published by Kadokawa-shoten in 1997 ---

Pro-Japan feelings were squeezed to death

When I was very young, my mother often told me about Japan. She had been to Japan before War. She told me many pleasant memories in a hot spring. She enjoyed beautiful sights. Unique food excited her curiosity. She didn't talk much about Japanese themselves, but her story made feel nothing about "Hateful country". Her story attracted me much, and I hoped to go to Japan. I had a longing much to Japan I had never seen.
But I was taught how Japan did bad things to Korea in a thorough manner after I entered elementary school. While I was made draw an anti-Japan poster, I felt shame at my feelings , and became one of anti-Japan students, too.






--- 「スカートの風」より 呉善花著 角川書店 1997年 ---



 しかし、小学校に上がって、日本がいかに韓国に対して悪いことをしたかを、 徹底して教えられ、反日ポスターを描かせられたりしているうちに、私はそのように日本を感じていたことが恥ずかしくなり、すぐにみんなと同じ一人前の反日生徒へと変わっていったのだった。

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