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Why does "kumdo"
tell a lie ?

Pourquoi ils disent
un mensonge avec le "kumdo" ?

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What is the "kumdo" problem?

The problem is that not a few associations spread the fabricated fact
that Kendo belongs to the Korean culture.

They carry out propaganda activities around the world.
They call Kendo "kumdo", which is the pronunciation of Kendo in Korean.

Around the world, they open many Dojo (Kendo training rooms), host games,
give demonstrations and give their practitioners licenses of ranks.

Do they have any relationship with Japanese associations?
No. They often carry out such activities without any relationships to Japan.

They also use the Shinai(a bamboo sword) and Bougu (protective gear) of Kendo.
But they often change the procedure of the games and their costumes.

After all, their "kumdo" is a copy of Kendo.
What makes them do such activities?

One of the reasons appears to be that they never want to accept
the fact that Kendo was imported from Japan when Korea was ruled by Japan.
But can such a reason justify their cultural invasion?
(This is nothing but cultural invasion.)

Is there a "kumdo" Dojo in your town?

Qu'est-ce que c'est le probleme "kumdo" ?

C'est un probleme car beaucoup d'associations repandent
des mensonges autour du "Kendo", qui appartient a la culture coreene.

Ils appellent "Kendo" "kumdo", qui est la prononciation coreene.
Ils propagent ces activites au titre des coreens dans le monde entier.

Ils ouvrent beaucoup de "Dojo" (la salle a faire du Kendo),
organisent des matches, presentent les arts militaires,
et decernent leurs licences de Dan (le grade de Kendo) dans le monde entier.

Est-ce qu'ils ont un rapport avec les associations japonaises ?
NON. Ils n'ont aucun rapport dans la plupart des cas.

Ils se servent souvent du "Shinai" (le sabre de bambou)
et du "Bougu"(l'equipement pour se defendre) du Kendo.
Mais ils changent frequemment les methodes des matches et ces equipements.

Finalement, leur "kumdo" est une copie du "Kendo".
Pourquoi en font-ils ?

On suppose que c'est parce qu'ils ne veulent pas convenir
que le "Kendo" a ete importe du Japon quand le Japon gouvernait la Coree.
Mais peuvent-ils s'approprier la culture pour cette raison ?
(On ne peut plus dire que c'est une invasion de la culture.)

Est-ce qu'il y a "kumdo" Dojo dans votre ville ?









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Key passage:
In Japan, there were a series of some shocking events, which informed us that our freedom of speech faced large crisis.
One of them is that a forum for "hate speech" was forced to be canceled due to violence in Kawasaki city(2018/06). This forum was scheduled to provide a chance to hold discussions on the ordinance about "hate speech" which Kawasaki city is also plannning to introduce.

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日本では、衝撃的な出来事が立て続けに起こり、言論の自由が大きな危機に直面していることがわかった。 うち一つが川崎市でヘイトスピーチ関係の討論会が暴力により中止に追い込まれたことだ(2018/06)。この討論会は同市でも計画中の条例についての討論を行おうとしていた。


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