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Why does "kumdo"
tell a lie ?

Pourquoi ils disent
un mensonge avec le "kumdo" ?

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"Korea, the nation which is ridiculed for its fabrication, plagiarism and spoofing" (Japanese)

I am one of the authors of this book. I wrote an article about kumdo problem as "Akihabara Naoki". If you are interested in this book and can read Japanese, wouldn't you like to order it?

「あきはばらなおき」名義でコムド(クムド)問題の記事を書いてます。 興味がおありでしたら、 発注をお願いします。

My comment appeared in SAPIO, Japanese Magazine(the issue of 2012.8.29, see P.101).
SAPIO 2012年8月29日号でコメントが掲載されました(P.101)。

My comment appeared in Shuukan Post, Japanese Magazine(the issue of 2012.11.16, see P.62).

What is the "kumdo" problem?

The problem is that not a few associations spread the fabricated fact
that Kendo belongs to the Korean culture.

They carry out propaganda activities around the world.
They call Kendo "kumdo", which is the pronunciation of Kendo in Korean.

Around the world, they open many Dojo (Kendo training rooms), host games,
give demonstrations and give their practitioners licenses of ranks.

Do they have any relationship with Japanese associations?
No. They often carry out such activities without any relationships to Japan.

They also use the Shinai(a bamboo sword) and Bougu (protective gear) of Kendo.
But they often change the procedure of the games and their costumes.

After all, their "kumdo" is a copy of Kendo.
What makes them do such activities?

One of the reasons appears to be that they never want to accept
the fact that Kendo was imported from Japan when Korea was ruled by Japan.
But can such a reason justify their cultural invasion?
(This is nothing but cultural invasion.)

Is there a "kumdo" Dojo in your town?

Qu'est-ce que c'est le probleme "kumdo" ?

C'est un probleme car beaucoup d'associations repandent
des mensonges autour du "Kendo", qui appartient a la culture coreene.

Ils appellent "Kendo" "kumdo", qui est la prononciation coreene.
Ils propagent ces activites au titre des coreens dans le monde entier.

Ils ouvrent beaucoup de "Dojo" (la salle a faire du Kendo),
organisent des matches, presentent les arts militaires,
et decernent leurs licences de Dan (le grade de Kendo) dans le monde entier.

Est-ce qu'ils ont un rapport avec les associations japonaises ?
NON. Ils n'ont aucun rapport dans la plupart des cas.

Ils se servent souvent du "Shinai" (le sabre de bambou)
et du "Bougu"(l'equipement pour se defendre) du Kendo.
Mais ils changent frequemment les methodes des matches et ces equipements.

Finalement, leur "kumdo" est une copie du "Kendo".
Pourquoi en font-ils ?

On suppose que c'est parce qu'ils ne veulent pas convenir
que le "Kendo" a ete importe du Japon quand le Japon gouvernait la Coree.
Mais peuvent-ils s'approprier la culture pour cette raison ?
(On ne peut plus dire que c'est une invasion de la culture.)

Est-ce qu'il y a "kumdo" Dojo dans votre ville ?













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Theme of Today



Key passage:

122 comfort women for US Army in South Korea filed a damage suit against Korean government. They have been known as "Yong Ju Gol(洋公主、Western princess)". "Yong Ju Gol" have been engaging in prostitution for US Army for half a century. 
In fact, they had been controled by Korean government for long period. This "comfort women's system" was established by the current president(Park Geun-hye)'s farther, Park Chung-hee. He was a national pander who began to make use of  this traditional industry as a a foreign exchange earner!

Park Geun-hye has struggled to push the propaganda about comfort women for Japanese Army, but she has been quiet about what her father have done.


要 約:

駐韓米軍に売春を行っていた慰安婦122人が韓国政府に賠償請求の訴訟を起こしました。彼女らは古くから 「洋公主」として知られ、半世紀米軍兵士相手に売春してきました。彼女らは、長らく韓国政府により 管理されてきましたが、その制度を確立したのは、現大統領パククネの父のパクチョンヒ(朴正煕)でした。 パクチョンヒは、外貨獲得のため、この伝統的な産業の利用を始めた、国家的な女衒なのでした。


According to Yonhap News Agency (YNA), Korean major news agency(2014/06/25), 122 Comfort women for US Army stationed in South Korea filed a damage suit(Link).

If you have never heard of comfort women for US Army in Korea, you are too youthful.
Yes, there have been many comfort women assigned to US Army till now.

They have been known as "Yong Ju Gol(洋公主、Western Princess in literal translation. Cynical naming)". "Yong Ju Gol" have been engaging in prostitution for US Army over a half-century. This "Comfort women's system" has been still in Korea, experiencing several changes.

The book titled "The women of Base Villages" are published in Korea and Japan.
韓国の大手通信社、聯合ニュースによりますと、駐韓米軍に対し売春を行っていた慰安婦 (洋公主)122人が訴訟を起こしました(2014/06/25(記事))。

駐韓米軍にも慰安婦がいたの?と思った人は甘い。 はい、多くの慰安婦が米軍にあてがわれていましたし、現在も存在しています。

古くから「洋公主 (西洋の王女様という皮肉な呼称)」として知られ、洋公主は50年以上米軍相手の売春をしています。この慰安婦制度は 何回か変わりつつも存続しています。



"Women of a base village"
- another modern Korean history -

What have been done at "Base Villages"?

That is prostitution directly managed by Korean government. By Korean government itself, tens of thousands of women had sold their bodies for a few decades. From the late 1990s the role of private sectors in this system increased and supported mainly by foreign women.

This government-controlled system was established by the current president (Park Geun-hye)'s farther, Park Chung-hee! He was a national pander as it were! The evidence was identified that would support his involvement.

He tried to make use of prostitution, Korean traditional industry as a foreign exchange eaner while banning general prostitution.

韓国政府直々の管理売春でした。 韓国政府自らにより、 万人単位の女性が売春を数十年単位で続けていたのです。90年代後半からは民間の役割が拡大され、外国人女性が主となりました。


彼は一般の売春を禁止する一方で伝統的産業と 言うべき売春を外貨獲得の手段として利用しようしたのでした。
Naturally, this was the major issue in Korean Parliament. Nevertheless, Park Geun-hye has struggled to trumpet the apocryphal "legends of comfort women for Japanese Army". At the same time she has been quiet about what her father have done.

This is a hard evidence that Park Chung-hee established the government-controlled prostitution system of Korea.
当然ですがこれは韓国の国会で大問題になっていたのです。にもかかわらずパククネは、父親の所業には口をつぐむ一方、 怪しげな"日本軍の 慰安婦伝説"を喧伝する外交に血道を上げていたわけです。

The plan document of "Cleansing Base Villages"

We can see Park Chung-hee's signature in the upper right corner.


The following is the article reported by Yonhap News Agency (YNA)(2014/06/25).

Yonhap News Agency (YNA)) (2014/06/25)

122 Comfort women for US Army in South Korea(Yong Ju Gol) filed a damage suit

Over 120 women, who have worked as prostitutes in base(US bases) villages, bring a class action lawsuit for damages against Korean government (2014/06/25) (bring a class action lawsuit bring an action for damages) Korean Women Association Alliance, Women's Human right Solidarity(literal translation) and others gave a press conference at Seoul Women Plaza. They urged that Korean government must apology and pay compensation to the victims living in  base villages of Comfort Women's System for US Army.

The plaintiff's group of 122 members claimed "In Korea, there are not only comfort women for Japanese army. Korean government built 'Comfort Women's System for US Army', and had complete control.  All trafficking of women were determined to be illegal, whereas comfort women can prostitue themselves for US Army in the name of 'specific areas'. Korean government went so far as to provide moral education by the name of "patriotic education.". They insisted more as follows. " When we had gone to base villages after the war by poverty or trafficking, we were forced into prostitution for US Army with various types of violence." "We went to a police station to ask for help to escape from the life of a bottom in base villages. But we were led to base villages by their hands against all expectations. Anyone of Korean authorities used us to earn foreign currency rather than guarding us."

Plaintiff's group claimed "Comfort Women's System for US Army was the policy of women's rights failing by state violence." and stressed "Korean government must reveal historic facts of 'Comfort Women's System for US Army' and damage, and fulfill their responsibility." Plaintiff's group plan to file a complaint for 1,000 won(about a million yen) per capita in damages. The insiders in Korean Women Association Alliance explained "The plaintiffs have been living lives as comfort women for dozens of years. They have been receiving the cold shoulder and have suffered slights million times. Though their damages wouldn't be sold for a million dollars, we determined this symbolic cost once.  

(聯合ニュース 韓国語 2014/06/25)


国内の基地村内で性売買に従事した女性120人あまりが国を相手に損害賠償請求訴訟に出る。 韓国女性団体連合と基地村の女性人権連帯などの団体は25日午後、ソウル女性プラザで記者会見を行い、 「政府が基地村内の米軍慰安婦制度の被害者に謝罪して賠償しなければならない」と促した。

原告団122人は声明書で「韓国に『慰安婦』は日本軍慰安婦のみがあるのではない。政府は『米軍慰安婦』制度を 作り、徹底的に管理した」としながら「すべての性売買を不法に定めておいて“特定地域”設置という見せ掛けの形を使って慰安婦が米軍性売買をするようにし、『愛国教育』という名前で精神教育までした』と主張した。 引き続き、「戦争後貧しくて、または人身売買されて基地村に来た私たちは、様々な暴力によって強制的に 米軍の相手をさせられた」として「どん底のような基地村を抜け出ようと警察などに助けを求めたが、 むしろ彼らの手に引かれて帰ってきた。国の誰も私たちを保護せず、むしろ外貨稼ぎに利用した」と指摘した。

原告団は「軍慰安婦制度は国家暴力によって行われた女性の人権蹂躪政策」としながら「政府は基地村の 米軍慰安婦制度の歴史的事実と被害を明確に明らかにし、法的責任を全うしなければならない」と強調した。 原告団はこの日、記者会見に続きソウル中央地方法院に1人当り1千万ウォン(約100万円)の賠償を請求する 趣旨の訴状を提出する予定だ。 韓国女性団体連合関係者は「原告は数十年間、米軍慰安婦として生きて数多くの冷遇と軽蔑を経験した」として 「被害をお金に換算できないがひとまず象徴的な意味で訴訟金額を定めた」と説明した。

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