Trauma Center: Under the Knife ( Chou Shittou Caduceus )

I am Japanese.
This page relies on the machine translation. sorry.

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The image and the video that is here are the one of a Japanese version.
2006/2/24 make : TKI

2006/3/2 another movie room
2006/3/9 Upload X7savato(no blue spider) movie in another movie room
2006/3/11 Upload X7savato movie in another movie room
2006/3/18 Upload five Kyriaki movie(remain 6minutes) in another movie room new

Dr.tukimori:"It's my score name!"
Angie:"Do not play by patient's body."
give me 2.22 seconds

advice in a Japanese version


file stage notes
X6para_mad.wmv X6Paraskevi
(addition condition)
It is video that achieves the target of the mystery "X6 Paraskevi,
left for three minutes by the injection prohibition and rank S".
This condition tries is difficult.
tetaru.wmv X3Tetalti
defeating video that use two touch pen.
kiriakix5.wmv five Kyriaki
TimeAttack of five Kyriaki stage.
6:07:45 remained with two touch pen



file stage notes
another site X7Savato This is a video thought to become reference of capture.
I used technique that peeled off the court between 2 and 3.
(Is there this in US version?)
2006/3/11 new
another site X7Savato no blue spider.
Perhaps, this doesn't become reference of capture.
2006/3/9 new
X1_not_jel.wmv X1Kyriaki
(rank S + no gel)
Clear X1 without stopping bleeding with the gel.
kiriaki_jelly.wmv X1Kyriaki
(rank S + no syringe)
Clear X1 without using the injection.
Because it recovers with the jelly ..seeing for a moment...
another site
(rank S + no syringe)
without using the injection.

tetaslow.wmv X3Tetalti
(a good example?)
It is slowly playing of Tetalti.
The image quality is bad. There is no voice.
another site
X2Deftera defeating Deftera.

2005/11/19 consecutive 3 victories(deleted)
2005/11/26 P stage only

my another site

draw in PictChat ^^;

Because I do not want to lose the pen
It puts it on DS with the felt-tipped marker tape.

five Kyriaki TimeAttack

five Kiriaki stage.
remain 6:25:83

use Chou Shittou(HT) in fifth stage.