by  Tommy Flanagan Fan Club





Herbie Harper Sextet / Herbie Harper (Mode 100)

Herbie Harper (tb) Jay Core (ts) Howard Roberts (g) Marty Paich (p) Red Mitchell (b)

Frankie Capp (ds) Mel Lewis (ds) 1957.6.

Jays Tune Little Orphan Annie Chloe Lets Fall in Love Skylark

Long Ago and Far Away Thats for Sure


Stan Levey Quintet / Stan Levey (Mode 101)

Stan Levey (ds) Conte Candoli (tp) Richie Kamuca (ts) Lou Levy (p) Monty Budwig (b)


Stan Still What Can I Say After I Say Im Sorry Lover Come Back to Me

Ole Man Rebop Old Folks One for Joan


Richie Kamuca Quintet / Richie Kamuca (Mode 102)

Richie Kamuca (ts) Carl Perkins (p) Leroy Vinnegar (b) Stan Levey (ds) 1957.6.

Just Friends Rain Drain Whats New Early Bird

Nevertheless Im in Love with You My One and Only Love Fire One Cherokee


Mel Lewis Sextet / Mel Lewis (Mode 103)

Mel Lewis (ds) Jack Sheldon (tp) Charlie Mariano (as, ts) Bill Holman (bs, ts)

Marty Paich (p) Buddy Clark (b) 1957.6.

Brookside You Took Advantage of Me Zig-Zag Jazz Goes to Siwash

Charlies Cavern Grey Flannel


Paul Togawa Quartet / Paul Togawa (Mode 104)

Paul Togawa (ds) Gabe Baltazar (as) Dick Johnston (p) Ben Tucker (b) 1957.6.

Oriental Blues Lover Man Its All Right with Me Peanuts Love for Sale

Bens Blues


Marty Paich Trio / Marty Paich (Mode 105)

Marty Paich (p) Red Mitchell (b) Mel Lewis (ds) 1957.6.

I Hadnt Anyone Till You Facts About Max Dusk Light New Soft Shoe

Dandy Line Dorado Blues Whats New By the River Sainte Marie


Gal with a Horn / Clora Bryant (Mode 106)

Clora Bryant (tp) Roger Fleming (p) Ben Tucker (b) Bruz Freeman (ds) Walter Benton (ts)

Normie Faye (tp) 1957.6.

Gypsy in My Soul Makin Whoopee Man with the Horn Sweet Georgia Brown

Tea for Two This Cant Be Love Little Girl Blue S posin


Frank Rosolino Quintet / Frank Rosolino (Mode 107)

Frank Rosolino (tb) Richie Kamuca (ts) Vince Guaraldi (p) Monty Budwig (b) Stan Levey (ds)


Cherry Lets Make It How Long Has This Been Going on They Say Fine Shape

Fallout Thou Swell Tuffy


Joy Bryan Sings / Joy Bryan (Mode 108)

Joy Bryan (vo) Marty Paich (p) Bob Enevoldsen (cl, bcl,vtb) Herb Geller (cl, as)

Ronnie Lang (cl, bs, as) Jack Sheldon (tp) Red Mitchell (b) Mel Lewis (ds) 1957.6.

I Was Doin All Right Round Midnight My Shining Hour

When the World Was Young Mississippi Mud My Heart Stood Still

Youre My Everything When Its Sleepy Time Down South

Swinging on a Star What Is There to Say Down the Old Ox Road

I Could Write a Book


Conte Candoli Quintet / Conte Candoli (Mode 109)

Conte Candoli (tp) Vince Guaraldi (p) Monty Budwig (b) Stan Levey (ds) 1957.6.

Something for Liza Walkie Talkie Flamingo Mediolistic Tara Ferma

Diane No Moon at All Mambo Blues


A Jazz Band Ball (First Set) / Stu Williamson (Mode 110)

Stu Williamson (tp) Jack Sheldon (tp) Bob Eneboldsen (tb) Don Fagerquist (tp)

Marty Paich (p) Buddy Clark (b) Mel Lewis (ds) 1957.7.

Blue Lou Soft Winds Dinah Iris of Ira Jumpin at the Woodside

Look Around Ida! Sweet as Apple Cider Yardbird Suite Logrolling


Bobby Swings Tenderly / Bobby Troup (Mode 111)

Bobby Troup (p) Bob Enevoldsen (tb) Stu Williamson (tp) Ted Nash (ts) Ronnie Lang (bs)

Buddy Clark (b) Mel Lewis (ds) 1957.7.

Tenderly My Ship These Foolish Things Perdido Always Stella by Starlight

Makin Whoopee It Never Entered My Mind I See Your Face before Me


Pepper Adams Quintet / Pepper Adams (Mode 112)

Pepper Adams (bs) Stu Williamson (tp) Carl Perkins (p) Leroy Vinnegar (b) Mel Lewis (ds)


Unforgettable Baubles, Bangles and Beads Freddie Froo My One and Only Love



Joanne Grauer Trio / Joanne Grauer (Mode 113)

Joanne Grauer (p) Buddy Clark (b) Mel Lewis (ds) 1957.7.

Mood for Mode Have You Met Miss Jones Invitation Happy Is the Sheepherder

Ill Remember April Dancing Nitely Im Glad There Is You The Song Is You


Flute Fraternity / Herbie Mann & Buddy Collette (Mode 114)

Herbie Mann (fl) Buddy Collette (fl) Jimmy Rowles (p) Buddy Clark (b) Mel Lewis (ds)


Herbies Buddy Perdido Baubles, Bangles and beads Give a Little Whistle

Heres Pete Theme fromTheme from Nancy The Morning After


Lucky Lucy Ann / Lucy Ann Polk (Mode 115)

Lucy Ann Polk (vo) Marty Paich (p) Bob Hardaway (ts) Dick Noel (tb) Tony Rizzi (g)

Buddy Clark (b) Mel Lewis (ds) 1957.7.

Sitting in the Sun How about You Im Just a Lucky So and So Just Squeeze Me

When the Sun Comes Out Makin Whoopee Don Cha Go Way Mad

Just a Sittin and Rockin Memphis in June Time After Time Easy Living

Looking at You


The Wind / Don Nelson (Mode 116)

Don Nelson (vo) Jimmy Rowles (p) Leroy Vinnegar (b) Stan Levey (ds) 1957.7.

Its You or No One Gone with the Wind Nobodys Heart It Happened Once Before

Spring Can Really Hang up You the Most There Will Never Be Another You

Taking a Chance on Love If You Ever Change Your Mind The Wind

As Long as I Live Thats All This Is Always


Bernie Nerow Trio / Bernie Nerow (Mode 117)

Bernie Nerow (p) Max Wayne (b) Dick Stein (ds) 1957.7.

Scratch My Back Lullaby of the Leaves It Might as Well Be Spring

Our Love Is Here to Stay Reds Romp There Will Never Be Another You

What Is This Thing Called Love How About You Love for Sale


Eddie Costa Quintet / Eddie Costa (Mode 118)

Eddie Costa (p, vib) Art Farmer (tp) Phil Woods (as) Teddy Kotick (b) Paul Motian (ds)


Get Out of the Road In Your Own Sweet Way Big Ben Nature Boy

Blues Plus Eight I Didnt Know What Time It Was Stretch in F


The Jazz Pickers / Harry Babasin (Mode 119)

Harry Babasin (cello) Terry Gibbs (vib) Dempsey Wright (g) Ben Tucker (b) Bill Douglas (ds)


Thou Swell Wingo Basin Street Blues Pee Wee De Ge Hoppy

These Foolish Things On Bear Hill


Victor Feldman on Vibes / Victor Feldman (Mode 120)

Victor Feldman (vib) Frank Rosolino (tb) Harold Land (ts) Carl Perkins (p)

Leroy Vinnegar (b) Stan Levey (ds) 1957.9.

Fidelius Squeeze Me Sweet and Lovely Bass Reflex Chart of My Heart

Wilberts Tune Evening in Paris


Solo Guitar / Al Viola (Mode 121)

Al Viola (g) 1957.9.

Alone Together Warm Valley I Get a Kick out of You Dont Blame Me

Cheek to Cheek My Romance Ill Remember April How Long Has This Been Going on

Nocturne Yesterdays Imagination My Old Flame 


Holiday for Lovers / Johnny Holiday (Mode 122)

Johnny Holiday (vo) Marty Paich (p) Bob Enevoldsen (tb) Jack Sheldon (tp) Ronnie Lang (bs)

Herb Geller (as) Vince DeRosa (frh) Max Bennett (b) Mel Lewis (ds) 1957.9.

I Love You Boys and Girls Like You and Me Love Me Now Star Eyes

Street of Dreams Fun to Be Fooled Nobody Else but Me

How Long Has This Been Going on Between an Old Love and a New Love

Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year Theres No You My Foolish Heart


A Jazz Band Ball (Second Set) / Terry Gibbs (Mode 123)

Terry Gibbs (vib) Victor Feldman (vib) Larry Bunker (vib) Lou Levy (p) Max Bennett (b)

Mel Lewis (ds) 1957.9.

The Dipsy Doodle Where or When Im Getting Sentimental over You

Hollywood Blues Tangerine Just Friends Softly as in a Morning Sunrise

Memories of You Broadway Allens Alley


Eight by Eight / Don Fagerquist (Mode 124)

Don Fagerquist (tp) Herb Geller (as) Ronnie Lang (bs) Ed Leddy (tp) Bob Eneboldsen (tb)

Vince DeRosa (frh) Marty Paich (p) Buddy Clark (b) Mel Lewis (ds) 1957.9.

Arent You Glad Youre You Easy to Love Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

All the Things You Are The Song Is You Time After Time Easy Living

Lullaby of Broadway


Warne Marsh Quartet / Warne Marsh (Mode 125)

Warne Marsh (ts) Ronnie Ball (p) Red Mitchell (b) Stan Levey (ds) 1957.9.

You Are too Beautiful Autumn in New York Playa Del Rey Ad Libido

Everything Happens to Me Its All Right with Me

Delightful Doris Drew / Doris Drew (Mode 126)

Doris Drew (vo) Marty Paich (p) Don Fagerquist (tp) Herb Geller (as) Bob Enevoldsen (tb)

Dave Pell (ts) Al Viola (g) Max Bennett (b) Mel Lewis (ds) 1957.9.

I Got the Sun in the Morning Cabin in the Sky There Will Never Be Another You

Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams Hes My Guy Once You Find Your Guy

You and the Night and the Music If I Should Lose You I Only Have Eyes for You

I Cried for You I Love You Something to Remember You by


Leonard Feather Presents Bop (Mode 127)

George Wallongton (p) Phil Woods (as) Idrees Sulieman (tp) Thad Jones (tp)

Curly Russell (b) Denzil Best (ds) Arthur Taylor (ds)

Little Benny Be Bop Lemon Drop Ornithology Anthropology Salt Peanuts

Groovin High Shaw Nuff Now's the time Hot House / 52nd Street Theme


Piano Playhouse (Mode 128)

Carl Perkins (p) Paul Smith (p) Jimmy Rowles (p) Gerald Wiggins (p) Lou Levy (p)

Lullaby of the Leaves The Blues Frankie and Johnny Alone Together

Yesterdays Jordu The Way You Look Tonight Flamingo Tea for Two

Poor Butterfly That Old Devil Called Love Summertime

You Dont Know What Love Is All the Things You Are My Heart Stood Still

The Surrey with the Fringe on Top


The Ex-Hermanites (Mode 129)

Bill Harris (tb) Terry Gibbs (vib) Lou Levy (p) Red Mitchell (b) Stan Levey (ds) 1957.9.

Apple Honey Everywhere You Fathers Moustache Laura Woodchoppers Ball

Lemon Drop Early Autumn Blue Flame


Paradise / Laurie Allyn (Mode 130)

Laurie Allyn (vo) Don Fagerquist (tp) Pete Candoli (tp) Herbie Harper (tb) Marty Paich (p)

Al Viola (g) Red Mitchell (b) Mel Lewis (ds) 1957.10.

All I Need Is You You Go to My Head Paradise Surrey with the Fringe on Top

Easy Living You Are so Bad for Me The More I See You Ill Never Smile Again

So in Love Thats What a Woman Is for Where Are You Take Me in Your Arm