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For our guests ( Non-Japanese-speaking ) .

Thank you for your visiting our web site. Our pages are almost written in Japanese, so you can see this site completely using by Japanese fonts set with your browser.

Akiko Suwanai, was born in Japan (1972), is one of the most famous and popular violinist, maybe you know. You can see her picture in this site. But I recommend that if you want to see more picture of "Akiko Suwanai" or profiles and so on, you should go to her official website (also scribed in Japanese) made by UNIVERSAL MUSIC K.K. (click here, if you want to surf).

We are collecting and release her information (concert schedules, her interviews on mass-media, new recordings, publishing...) to our visitors. We are chatting each other about her, her artistic music or other music on BBS.

We welcome your visit on this site, hope to join us, and please tell us about her international activity, tell us your impression or opinion. If you want to get reply or reaction, I think you had better use Japanese or plain English.

I have retained my copyrights and several legal rights internationally. When you visit and read or see or write on this site, it seems you agreed on accepting our guideline (written in Japanese ), so there is possibility to delete your comments from this site. (then you use slang etc...)

I hope you will be a fan of Akiko Suwanai, enjoy her artistic music with us. Click LOGO, go to the front index page.

November 13, 2001


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