Here are listed some of the Finest Sites that give me the real things always.

lyrical sites:

Todd's FS Lyrics Page
Songs by Sinatra
Rosie Lyrics of Rosemary Clooney
cool Lyrics World
Jazz Lyrics
Nat King Cole Lyric page
Beautiful Diana Krall Lyrics
Dean Martin Lyrics
the complete Beatles Lyrics
Elvis Presley Lyric Attack
Guitar Guy's Songs
Fred Astaire songs

Paul Willams Lyrics
Another Sinatra Song List
Lyrics Archieve @ Jumbo Jimbo

jazz sites:

Down Beat Magagine
Jon Hendricks Jazz Site
Graet Thelonious Monk Finest Site
Another Thelonious Monk Website
Japanese Nelson's Navigator of Modern jazz
Chasin' The Bird for Charlie Parker
Mark Murphy Home Page

West Japan Jazz Scene
Jazz @home
Jazz Club, St. James
Jazz Taxi, Tokyo, Japan

singers sites:

Nancy King - Jazz Vocalist
Kurt Elling com
Unofficial Billie Holiday Website
The Nina Simone Web
The Legendary Bobby Darin Net
Dean Martin Fan Center
A Tribut to Sammy Davis Jr.
Betty Carter website
Leon Thomas album gallery
Meredith D'Ambrosio Com.

The Perry Como Home
Mrs. Frank Sinatra, Barbara 's page
Sinatra Archieve

sites of my pals:

In & Out in Azabu, Tokyo
KAKI Cabinet Maker of Toyama
Jiro's The Gumshoe Site
natural fiber & natural dyes Re:essence of Ms Rie

Sound Park, cool site by Yoji Tsuno.

Jiro Ietaka com
Tourneau New York since 1900

film makers:

The Estate of Orson Welles
Stanley Kubrick film guide
digital Yasujiro Ozu
Free Screenplays @

Mike Hammer in "Kiss Me Deadly"
The Fabulous Baker Boys' great site
Great Sci-Fi film "Alian"'s stills @ Outnow

mostly Art sites:

Pieta di Michelangelo @ San Pietro
Michelangelo's major Sculptures
Leonaldo da Vinci web gallery
Sandro Botticelli web gallery
on-line Picasso project
Great Michealangelo pages
Guggenheim Musiums, N.Y., Venice and more
Henri Matisse at Orga's gallery
Giorgio de Chirico @ Balla Gallery
Virtual Dali com
Diego Velázquez gallery
Alexander Calder org.
Great Al Herschfeld. com

Helmut Newton Portraits

a tiny Art Gallery de Taro

love-game sites:

Beautiful Maria Sharapova Unofficial site
Yahoo Tennis Photos

Another Tennis Photos

US Open 2004

Mostly of Venezia:

San Marco pix

Hotel Giorgione
my old pix in Venice

some broad-sides:

Ava Gardner Photos
Ms Susan in Pretty Baby
Beautiful Monica Bellucci pix
Charlizs Theron photos
Darren McGavin's Mike Hammer
007: James Bond Girls
Sean Connery photos
Natalie Wood photo gallery
the Gina Lollobrigida Galleries
Sophia Loren pictures
another Sophia Loren Gallery
Kim Novak pictures
Kim in Pal Joey
Marvelous "Pal Joey" stills @ Opera Gloves Com, where Barbara Nichols dances also
Picture Gallery of The 50's
Juliet Prowse page
Judy Garland at Diva
Jane Russell in Bombshells
Veronica Lake @ JSR
Mitzi Gaynor at Operagloves
Jeanne Crain Pix @ Orchids

Nancy Sinatra photo gallery
Nancy Sinatra com
The Love Goddess Rita Hayworth
Brigitte Bardot Pix

Marilyn Monroe Page
Marilyn Monroe Pix page
Marilyn Monreo Movies' Stills
Another Nice Monroe 's Site
Splendid Miss Monroe's Site, including lots of MOVIE-Stills
Beautiful Marilyn photos
Tons of Pix of Marilyn
Marilyn Monroe Rare Photos
Ava Gardner Pel·lícules

My Dick sites:

IMDb com
All Music com
Artist Direct to search CD so well, too.
Famous Birthday Com
Jazz Birthday Center Birthday

Listen Free to Sinatra Voices @

The weather of Italy when you'd think of it.

Brooks Brothers Com
Dictionary Com
Google com

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