A-290 Wood Horn

Deathvalley National Monument, CA USA (Photo by Yuichi)

Power tools

Power tools are very important to make our work accurate and productive.
Most of wood materials used for speaker enclosure or horn speakers are hard to cut or to form by hand tools. Therefore, electric powered tools are imperative for these works.

First, a circular saws is very useful for strait cutting hard wood such as laminated lumbers or plywoods. Various kind of blades for circular saws are sold in DIY shop. We have to choose suitable blades for the materials we use. On top of a circular saw, a table saw is "nice to have" tool. We can reproduce the same size of wood pieces with very productive manner. A table saw cuts wood materials very sharply because of higher RPM (revolution per minutes) of drive motor. Also we can cut out materials with any angle with any size very accurately. There are many kinds of blades are sold, too.

A electric drill is widely used as one of a most convenient tools. It has a lot of accessaries including drill bits, various diameter of hole saws, screw driver bits, rotary sander attachment and etc. Most of visitors of this Web site already have this tool(s). I recommend to have one more drill, then the work efficiency is improved dramatically. A cord-less drill is also convenient as a screw driver. If you have a drill press, this will give us a chance to make holes with more accurate angles and depth.
If you are intending to make a horn speaker, 1in (2.54cm) or 2in (5cm) hole saw bit (s) is (are) needed depending upon horn driver size. The blade itself can be used for a circular saw and for a table saw, however, usually the size of table saw blade is much larger.

The third important tool is a jig saw. This will be used to make lager size of holes such as loudspeaker driver mounting holes or vent holes or others. Jig saw blade has many kinds depending upon purposes. However, if you allow to provide a router, you can do better work to make much more fine and delicate holes. You can also decorate corners of a enclosure by using variety of router bits.

A plane is common woodworking tool. However, it is not so often used to build a enclosure, but it is mandatory needed to build horn speakers to make convex surfaces.

Other useful and powerful tool is a rotary sander. A rotary sander is to finish surface very effectively. There are various kinds of sanding disks from fine to coarse grades available.

Those are major electric power tools when we use for speaker crafting.


When we use power tools, the most important thing to be considered is safety operations. Since power tools is very powerful, damage is also big. We have to strictly follow safety instructions of each tool.
Second important thing to do good work is that we have to keep the blade sharp. Dull blade will not yield good result including safety.


A circular saw
A table saw and table saw
and circular saw blades.
A electric hand drills with
variable speed and
reversible functions
Various sizes of drill bits and hole saws
1in/2in holes saws for
horn building.
Drill bits for screw head.
A drill press A jig saw and saw blades A plane
A rotary sander or polisher A router
Router bits A belt sander

Hand tools

Most of all people already have hand tools. So, There is not so much to talk because you can understand what these tools are. A little unique for speaker building is a stapler gun. This is useful for putting and fixing sound absorption material into a loudspeaker enclosure. When you make a horn, you probably need a couple of chisels and knives and sanding tools depending upon type of horn you make.

Most common hand tools Most common hand tools Chisels and knives Sanding tools
Measures and a compass A vice to hold materials
under processed
A staple gun and needles

Jigs and others

Jigs and attachments will give us additional functionality or accuracy of the work and tools. Corner clamps are very useful to assemble an enclosure. These hold joint of two planes with 90 degrees angle up until adhesive cures.

Corner clamps
Clamps A working bench and
This attachment provide
an electric drill with
various functions
A guide for a circular saw
provide us for easy strait
A router guide provide us
for larger and a bit
complex hole making.
Coloring and coating

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