Multi-Speaker System

Yellowstone National Park, WY USA (Photo by Yuichi)

Multi-Speakers and or multi-channel system may be good approaches to reproduce Hi-Fi sound. However, it is very hard to adjust the system ideally. Because of its complexity, there are so many factors to be considered. Here, some of the example are shown how to reach.

Right side photo shows relatively large 4 way system with 4 power amplfifiers and a electronic frequecy divider. The speaker system consists of a 46cm (Dia.) woofer, a 25cm Mid-Bass Horn, a 5cm driver with a Mid Horn and a 2.5cm tweeter Horn in one side of the system.
In this system, different types of speaker drivers are included such as the horn drivers and the direct radiator speaker driver. It is very difficult to draw all the characteristics of each speaker even if each reproduces high quality sound.
There may have mis-matching questions including phase, time, gain, location and others among speakers.

One of the best solution is to use a electronic frequency divider. However, how to tune the sytem is still hard work. The details of adjustment procedure is discussed in detail.

The photo is 2 way 38cm (dia.) direct radiator woofer and 5cm throat Horn driver system with A-290 Horn. You can see the details of the enclosure named as E-170. The Horn used above 4 way system is almost identical to the one used here. Cutt-off frequescy of those Horns are about 300 Hz.

The combination of the direct radiator driver and the horn driver have fundamental problem. Which induces time defference from two sound sources to the listener.
In this system, traditional 12dB/oct passive filter is used. Unfortunately above timing question can not be resolved in the system but other factors are optimized. The cross over frequency is set as 600Hz in this system.

The details are discussed in the page.

This system is relatively small one. The woofer driver is 17cm (dia.) size and the tweeter is also direct radiator type. A 6dB/oct passive filter is used in a system
The tweeter on the cabinet is flexible to relocate its position. Very fortunately the gain of those speakers is almost identical, so, attenuator can be eliminated. The cut-off frequency is set as 8000Hz. The tweeter driver is mounted in the unique wooden block to optimize sound field disturbance mainly in its front space.

How to adjust the system and related data are shown in the page.

System Model Speakers Woofer
Amplifiers Frequency Divider Link
4-Channel-System x 4 46cm x 4 Electronic Filter 4 Channel System
2Way-Horn-System x 2 38cm x 1 Passive Filter 2 Way Horn System
2Way-Speakers-System x 2 17cm x 1 Passive Filter 2 Way System

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Yellowstone National Park, WY USA (Photo by Yuichi)