A-480 Wood Horn

Death Valley Nationak Park, CA, USA (Photo by Yuichi)

A-480WE Specifications

(This horn is delicately designed and made for Western Electric type WE-555 driver)

= Horn Type : Hyperbolic horn
= Cut off frequency : 900Hz
= Frequency range : 1000Hz to 7000Hz
= Driver : Western Electric WE-555
= Size : W 433mm, H 145.4mm, D 276mm (inclu. 20mm adapter plate)
= Material : a Teak laminated lumber (3.0cm thick)
= Finish : Two coats of oil based clear polyurethane varnish
= Others
- There is no fin in the horn.
- No color applied.

...Dec. 1989 MJ Magazine....
Building and assembly process

Cutting out of horn pieces
from the laminated lumber
Coarse forming for a set
of horn pieces except side
Bonding process of two
pieces by epoxy. This
makes 6cm thickness.
The strait joint mechanism
is easier than curve joint.
Making sure of joints
among horn pieces
Forming of horn curves
and side walls by a knife,
chisels and sanders.
Screws and epoxy are used
for final assembly to fix.
Additional epoxy and filler
are applied.
All surfaces are polished
by a rotary sander and
sand paper.
Surface treatment of
horns and driver adapters
Driver adapters with
WE-555 attachment
Completed horn from
(mouth side view)

Measurement and Data

Frequency response data is shown in the left hand side.

Western electric WE-555 driver is mounted. The response curve maintains very flat sound pressure level from 600Hz to 7KHz.

This is amazing that such an old Western product has so nice property.

Recommended bandwidth is from 800Hz to 5KHz. A super tweeter is needed to cover high frequency zone.
Left hand data is a impedance curve.

This A-480WE horn gives adequate horn load to the WE-555 driver. Therefore, diaphragm is well dumped by the air

Impedance is well under controlled beyond 400Hz, too.

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