A-290 FL Wood Horn
Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park, NT, Australia
A-290 FL Specifications

= Horn Contour : Hyperbolic
= Cut-off frequency : 300Hz
= Frequency range : 600Hz to 20KHz
= Driver : 2 in or 5 cm throat TAD 400x or JBL 2441/5 or equivalent
= Size : W 560mm, H 230mm, D 390mm
(inclu. 25mm throat adapter)
= Wood Material : Cherry, Laminated lumber
(3.0cm thickness)
= Finish : Two coats of oil based clear
polyurethane varnish (Dark oak color applied)

= Note 1: No fin is used (This is to eliminate
very small vibration of fins.)
= Note 2: This model is designed and build
for the Mid/High range for vertical twin
TAD 1601 woofer system.

May 1992 Issue, MJ Magazine Tokyo
Old MJ Reference System

TAD-TL1601 x 2
TAD-TD4001 x 1

Building and assembly process

Transfer horn contour
on the laminated lumber
by using the templates
Coarse cutting by the
hand circular saw
Forming of side contour
by using the template
Completion of a horn
plate piece
Bonding process of three
plates by epoxy
Drawing of side contour
by using the template
Cutting out of side walls Adjustment of interference among three pieces
Making of horn contour (Coarse process) Making of horn contour (Fine process)
Completion of upper /
bottom horn pieces
Final assembly process (Epoxy adhesive and screws
are used to fix)

Driver mounting adapters Attachment of the horn
mounting plate
Color application and
coating process
(Rear side view)
(front side view)

Measurement and Data

JBL 2441, 2 in throat, driver is mounted. The response shows very flat sound pressure level from 350Hz to almost 20KHz.

This horn with TAD 4001 or
JBL 2441 or equivalent driver covers mid to high frequency
range in 2 way or 3 way system.
However, very high frequency response depends upon the driver capability.

To set the crossover frequency as 300 to 400Hz is a little risky. Therefore, 600Hz above is recommended.
TAD 4001, 2 in throat, driver is mounted.

Above 10KHz SPL gets higher in both cases, because of concentration of the SPL in the center
of the axis.
The reason is that the
horn has no fin inside.

Therefore, the listener position is better to be
located in far field such as
6m or 7m.
If this is used in near field, the horn may be used as a
mid range system.

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