Whitesands National Monument NM, USA (Photo by Yuichi)
This page is Yuichi's junk box page for equipment repair, audio experiments and/or trials. Some of ideas are as follows.
I hope you can find out any hints in my junk box.

---- Speaker Repair ---- --- Design & Experiments --- ---- Measurements ---- -- Acoustic Simulation --
(1-1): Replacement of 46cm JBL-2445 Surround (Click) (2-1): Trial enclosure for
17cm Alpine DLX-Z17W
Woofer and Z30T Tweeter

(3-1): Measurement of
TS parameters
(4-1): Standing wave
simulation in closed
rectangular room
(1-2): Replacement of 12cm Fostex F120A Surround (Click) (2-2): Behavior of high
output impedance power
(3-2): TS Parameter equations and measurements
(4-2): Simulation of
sound reflection from the
(1-3): Replacement of 38cm JBL LE-15A Surround (Click) i2-3)FSpeaker property dependency on environment temperature (Click)
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Whitesands National Monument NM, USA (Photo by Yuichi)