Build of Loudspeaker Enclosures

Yellowstone National Park, WY USA (Photo by Yuichi)

The loudspeaker enclosure determines low frequency properties of the sound reproduction system. However, handicraft activity is relatively simple if we make a rectangular box. Therefore, beginners can enter into this type of loudspeaker box with a full range driver. Full range driver does not need to care about combination between multiple speakers. It does not require band width dividing network, too. Advantage of single driver system is (a:) good sound positioning property, (b:) inexpensive cost and (c:) easy to build. After you succeeded to enjoy simpler system, then you can expand your work for more complex system.

Fundamental function of a enclosure is to isolate front side and rear side air of the driver diaphragm. A diaphragm makes short air circuit without enclosure. Then, the driver does not yield lower frequency output because both front side and rear side air cancels air pressure each other. Sealed box is the simple solution. However, vented box generates resonance frequency which will enhance low frequency output with collaboration with diaphragm output through inverted phase. Resonance frequency is determined by box volume and vent size. Vent size is determined by vent space and length.

Right side photo is E-170 vented box and specifications are as follow.
- Box volume : 170 Liters
- Vent frequency F(B) : 35Hz
- Driver : Pioneer TAD 1601(x) family 38cm
- Frequency range 40Hz to 1KHz
- Wood material : a Chinese quince laminated lumber (front baffle)
You can use any kind of wood materials for the enclosure. However, I recommend to use hard and thick plywood. 2.0cm to 3.0cm thickness is perfect depending upon size of box. This will give you the best performance. In box constructions, we have to think about plate resonance. Resonance generates un-necessary sound distortion. Using the thicker plates is a good idea to minimize vibrations. Also, implementing the crosspieces and support bars are commonly used.

- Left side photo is E-15 vented box enclosure
- Box volume : 15 Liters
- Driver : Parc Audio DCU-F131W Multi Layered wood diaphragm full range
- Frequency range : 50Hz to 20KHz
- Wood material : a cherry plywood with a Chinese quince laminated lumber
for front frame

Links to Loudspeaker Enclosure Building Pages

Enclosure Model Volume Type Vent Resonance Driver Link
E-280 280 Liters Vented Box 25Hz JBL-2245 E-280
E-170 170 Liters Vented Box 35Hz TAD 1601 E-170
E-76 76 Liters Vented Box - - Not available yet
E-73 73 Liters Vented Box 50Hz Tama L16 E-73
E-70 70 Liters Vented Box 45Hz Fostex FW-305 E-70
E-55 55 Liters Vented Box - - Not available yet
E-36 36 Liters Vented Box - - Not available yet
E-20C 20 Liters Closed Box - Alpine DLX-Z25SW Not available yet
E-27 27 Liters Vented Box 50Hz Alpine DLX-Z17W E-27
E-17 17 Liters Vented Box 50Hz Fostex F120A Not available yet
E-15 15 Liters Vented Box 52Hz Wood Cone DCU-F131W E-15

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Yellowstone National Park, WY USA (Photo by Yuichi)