E-170 Loudspeaker Enclosure

Death Valley National Park, CA, USA (Photo by Yuichi)

E-73 Specifications

( This enclosure was delicately designed and made for Model L-16B of Tama Onkyo Lab., Japan)

Ref data of L-16B
= 16cm diameter diaphragm with large size of ALNICO magnet
= Fo: 40Hz, Frequency range: 40Hz-16Khz, SPL: 95dB, Input: 15W, Imp: 8ohms
= mo: 6.5g, Qo: 0.27, Bl: 17,000 Gauss

Enclosure Data

= Volume : 73 liters
= Size : W 450mm, H 625mm, D 400mm
= Type : Vented
= F(B) : 50Hz
= Direct radiator driver : Tama Onkyo Lab. Model L-16B
= Frequency range : 50Hz to 16KHz

= Material : Cherry plywoods (25mm thickness) and a Chinese quince laminated lumber (30mm thickness) for front baffle
= Finish : Oil based clear polyurethane
= Coloring : Not applied.

.August 1994, MJ Magazine.

Building and assembly process

Cutting of 25mm thick cherry plywoods A table saw works better
for cutting 45 degree
Bonding of four pieces of
plates by using corner
Then, support bars are
applied with bond and
The support structure
(rear side view)
Front baffle (30mm) is cut
and size is verified
Removal on fuzzes on the exit holes of a drill Fixing the front baffle from
rear side with screw and
Completion of the front
baffle after a week
Surface finishing by a
rotary sander then sand
Finalizing the support
Making a vent hole by a
Making a driver mounting
hole by a router
Water based color material
is added
Oil based clear polyurethane was coated


Left is a frequency response curve and right is an output from
the vent. 50Hz is a resonance

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