E-170 Loudspeaker Enclosure

Yellowstone National Park, WY, USA (Photo by Yuichi)

E-70 Specifications

= Volume : 70 liters
= Size : W 450mm, H 695mm, D 355mm
= Type : Vented
= F(B) : Approx. 45Hz
= Direct radiator driver : Fostex 12 in (or 30cm) or Alpine DDW-F30A or equivalent
= Frequency range : 50Hz to 2.0KHz (high limit is depends on driver

= Material : Cherry plywoods (25mm thickness)
= Front corners : a Teak wood
= Finish : Oil based clear polyurethane
= Coloring : Water based cheek color

= Others
- Speaker terminals : Rear side
- Internal access : Rear baffle can be removed by loosing screws.

.Feb. 1992 / Feb. 1999 MJ Magazine.
Building and assembly process

Cutting of top, bottom and both side plates Assembly of four plates by
using corner clamps.
Bonding of front baffle
support bars (x4)
Bonding process of front
baffle Fix by screws from
Adjustment of corner decoration (Teak) bars Bonding of four corner
decoration bars by glue
Assembly and bonding
of a vent box
Surface finishing
All corners are rounded by
a router.
Completion of driver mounting and vent holes
by a router.
Coloring and mounting of
the driver.

Measurement and Data

Left side data is a
frequency response curve.

Data shows flat output
from 50Hz to 2KHz. It is
really hard to obtain
accurate low frequency data
in regular listening room
because of the effect of
standing wave.
Also, we have to think about
the effect of 1, 1/2, 1/4 space question.

Anyway, this is near field
property. Therefore, lower
edge output around 40-50Hz will increase in far-field listening position
, I suppose.

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