280 Liter Loudsapeaker Enclosure Build

Grand Teton National Park, WY, USA (Photo by Yuichi)

E-280 Specifications

= Volume : 280 liters
= Size : W 1000mm, H 580mm, D1 750mm, D2 590mm
= Type : Vented
= F(B) : Approx. 25Hz
= Direct radiator driver : 18 in (or 46cm) JUL-2245 or equivalent
= Frequency range : 30Hz to 500Hz
= Material : Cherry plywoods (25mm thickness)
= Finish : Oil based clear polyurethane
= Coloring : None
= Others
- Speaker terminals : Side wall
- Internal access : Front baffle can be removed by loosing screws.

....July 1986 MJ Magazine....
Building and assembly process

Cutting the top and bottom
plates by a circular saw
Most of all plates are
cut accurately.
Assembly of walls
Glue and screws are used
for reliable joints
Top plate is fixed.
Internal support bars are
clamped and fixed.
Support structure inside Support structure of the
top and the bottom plates
Provisioning for vent
hole process
Cutting out holes for a
driver mount and vents
Support structure on the
front baffle
Support bar between front
and rear baffles
Surface finishing process
before coating

Measurement and Data

Left is a frequency response and right is an impedance curve. F(B) is around 32Hz. We can observe flat output by 1KHz. But, it is good idea to use this system below 500Hz. Large diaphragm generates really powerful energy even if amplifier volume is squeezed.

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