Download of Speaker Drawings

Grand Teton National Park, WY USA (Photo by Yuichi)

You can download drawings of speakers which are contained in this Web site. By referring the drawing(s) you can re-draw your own, then do woodcraft. In case of horn speakers, I recommend you to draw 1:1 scale on a paper. Then you make templates by hard paper. These templates are very important to make accurate horn curves or contours.

All drawing files are .pdf. Please make sure that your computer has Adobe Acrobat reader prior to download.

Enjoy !!

Wood Horn Speakers Loudspeaker Enclosures
Model Type (Throat/Flare) Files Model Type (Volume/Driver) Files
A-190E Midbass / Exponential A-190E E-280 280 Liters / 18inches E-280
A-290 2in / Hyperbolic A-290 E-170 170 Liters / 15inches E-170
A-290S 2in / Hyperbolic A-290S E-76 76 Liters / Not available yet
A-290FL 2in / Hyperbolic A-290FL E-70 70 Liters / 12 inches E-70
A-300E 2in / Exponential A-300E E-55 55 Liters / Not available yet
A-480 1in / Hyperbolic A-480 E-27 27 Liters/2Way Alpine Driver E-27
A-480FL 1in / Hyperbolic A-480FL E-15 15 Liters/Single Wood Cone E-15
A-480WE Proprietary / Hyperbolic Not available yet
A-800AL Altec 604-8G/ Hyperbolic A-800AL
A-800G Gauss 3588/ Hyperbolic A-800G
A-1K 1in / Hyperbolic A-1K
A-10K 1in / Hyperbolic A-10K TS-Calc TS Parameters caluculator TS-CALC

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