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November 5, 2013 * In the Measurement page, the "Audio measurement by iPad" contents are added.
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This Web site is for audio amateur craftsmen and music fans.
I am neither a professional craftsman nor a professional audio designer. However, as I have some audio experiences and struggles with "Do It Myself Audio", I would like to share such experiences with persons who who are interested in the following subjects:

Wood horn speaker design and handicraft
Loudspeaker design and handicraft
Measurement of speaker system properties
Various sound related experiments

Room Acoustics

You can see most of above topics in the Japanese magazine, the "Audio Technologies" shortly called "MJ", published by Seibundo Shinko-sha in Tokyo.

Wood handicraft activity is very interesting subject in itself. At the same time, as loudspeaker system is for listening music, the system need to be carefully designed and made, with the properties be measured precisely and adjusted accurately. Further, along with speaker system properties, room acoustics is a very key as well. I would like to touch on those subjects, too.

Since I have opened this Web site several years ago, I received many comments and questions who visited here. This time I reflected those comments on this site as possible I could. Also, I like to enhance my Experiment page which contains various acoustic related Lab. activities.

First, I recommend you to visit the " Music Reproduction" page, then we understand where we stand.

Please understand following

1: You may refer drawings on this Web site, if you like, in order to make your own speakers. Please note, however, that the performance is NOT guaranteed in any ways.

2: Some of the measurement data are not so accurate because of the reasons that I could only use a 8 bit AD converter in early personal computer age when I acquired those data and, one more reason that, to my great regret, I have not an anechoic chamber at my lab. If you start now you are lucky because in recent days, very high performance personal computers are available everywhere, and now you can find out very good freeware and/or shareware to design and measure speaker system properties. Accuracy of data is much better now. I really feel that today's circumstances are not what it used to be. However, I use sofisticated equipment for my latest experiments, those data shows better accuracy except anechoic environment.

Thank you very much for your attention. Yuichi Arai

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