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Website Update!站點更新訊息! Anime Update!動畫更新訊息!
播放器新增歌詞系統!Anime Front-Line player added lyrics system!01-Jun-2013
好消息! GOGOBOX已提昇基本速度為50Kbps!Good news! GOGOBOX upgrade basic speed to 50Kbps!25-Feb-2012
動畫搜尋功能修正!Anime search engine fixed!16-Nov-2011
動畫下載中的圖掛了,現在補檔中...若有相關圖示可寄E-mail/到BBS留言,感謝!Since images link in anime download has died, I will reupload the image, if you have any related image, please send my E-mail or leave a message on BBS, THX!28-May-2011
網址新增Increase new URL for website:
轉壇後的新網址New Forum Link:
站長這個懶人終於更新了一幅主頁banner圖.....於是又下潛了Update 1 banner15-Apr-2010
聖誕節快樂~! 同時是本站一週年生日! (真實年齡是6歲~呵呵!)Merry X'mas! Same time is my website 1 year old! (True age is 6~XD)25-Dec-2009
優化動畫評級制度,注意!倉庫區/原有動畫評分顯示會有問題,本人不再作更新了.(如需投票請利用搜尋器)Improve the vote system. Attention, store base have someting problem, but i will not to update it. (Please use the search engine to vote!)27-Nov-2009
今天是中華人民共和國六十周年國慶,本站特意慶祝,為不影響大家瀏覽只作少少修改~To congratulation our motherland 60th birthday, some changes in style.01-Oct-2009
因電纜中斷問題,本站更新延遲/暫時停止,不便之處,敬請原諒!Since the technology problem, anime update will be delay.19-Aug-2009
論壇準備更換為PHPThe forum will be change the PHP programme.~27-Jun-2009
K-ON!入侵本站....哈Attack my website~XD~~17-Apr-2009
為減少播放器的歌曲流失,歌詞只會於使用者設定時顯示!To reduce the lost song, the lyrics will not display if you not setting.11-Mar-2009
播放器新增搜尋功能,自定清單更靈活方便!Increase search, custom song list function in ExoBUD MP!03-Mar-2009
刪除縮圖功能,增加評分功能Deleted the reduce image and add vote function!13-Feb-2009
花了近半天的時間終於完成播放器清單儲存功能(汗")Spent nearly half of the time to finlish the ExoBUD list of storage function.(Too tired now/_\)06-Feb-2009
更新交換連結1 Link Added.06-Feb-2009
為感謝大家一直以來的支持,本站已整理播放器音樂,一個播放器可選取不同選單!To thank you all fans, i group the song list include all my website!04-Feb-2009
加入交換連結Increase the links page21-Jan-2009
逐步更換網頁編碼至UTF-8中......This website will be changed UTF-8 Coding.20-Jan-2009
重新放置更新測試....目前下載頁不穩定,可能會再有不能顯示問題...Sorry for all visitor, since this is new website, may be unstable.19-Dec-2008

新番介紹!Japan new anime introduction!
2015 冬番Winter 春番Spring 夏番Summer 秋番Autumn
2014 冬番Winter 春番Spring 夏番Summer 秋番Autumn
2013 冬番Winter 春番Spring 夏番Summer 秋番Autumn
2012 冬番Winter 春番Spring 夏番Summer 秋番Autumn
2011 冬番Winter 春番Spring 夏番Summer 秋番Autumn
2010 冬番Winter 春番Spring 夏番Summer 秋番Autumn
2009 冬番Winter 春番Spring 夏番Summer 秋番Autumn
2008 冬番Winter 春番Spring 夏番Summer 秋番Autumn

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