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AMA Homepage Statement

To all AMA council members
Dear all AMA council members this time had reelect by
Election of council,
Then I was retiring AMA president

Mr Viwat Vigrantanoros assumption of AMA president
Was carried out newly.

And I became an honorary president.
I also appreciate having to taken the part in safety during 16
Years to Kitagami in September 2014 in October 1998 since
Okinawa with an understanding and cooperation thenyou it was
And I would like to support AMA as honorary president.

AMA is one!
The new president base,the further development and AMA.
I praying for yours activity and healthy.

A Lucky day October 2014.
The public corporation JMA president Kiyoshi Konoike

AMA homepage Reconstruction is delayed due to Japan Masters Athletics Office Shifting.We apologize for any inconvenience cause. AMA promise to give you a better homepage soon.

As of 31 Mar 2013, AMA record is updated until 17th AMA Championship.

AMA 18th Championship at Kitagami-Japan Timetable is updated and available here to view.
Time Schedule(Track)
Time Schedule(Jump)
Time Schedule(Throw)

AMA 18th Championship at Kitagami-Japan will be the largest Championship so far because more then 2900 Athletes are expected to participate. We at AMA appreciate these overwhelming entries and welcome everyone warmly.

AMA 18th Championship Result Details will be updated in October 2014. We will give you topics, event helf and others. please expect good report from us.

Thank You

18th Asia Masters Championships

18th Asia Masters Championships will be held in Kitakami City,
Iwate Prefecture Japan in August or in September, 2014.

The venue of the Championships will be formally decided in Asia Masters Athletics General Assembly on November 5 in 2012.



17th Asia Masters track-and-field championship

The contract signing ceremony of the 17th Asia Masters track-and-field championship was held on September 29.

It is held from November 2, 2012 to November 7 in the Taipei Taipei stadium.

I publish for details later.


2011 International Gold Masters Japan
April 1, 2011

I deeply appreciate many kind and encouraging letters and messages from AMA members and world people. I am sorry, but I have to say that following matter.
2011 International Gold Masters Japan ( which was planned to be held in National Stadium in Tokyo on Oct. 15th-16th, 2011) is cancelled. This is because of the massive Eastern & Kanto Earthquake and the radiation problem in Fukushima. Thank you very much for your great cooperation. Konoike Kiyoshi, AMA President

Dear All
2011 March

Thank you for your kind concern with the terrible, incredible earthquake and tsunami of March 11th in Tohoku Area and Kanto Area of Japan. We, Japanese appreciate rescues from foreign countries. As you know this is the most depressing natural disaster in Japan, once one thousand years and there is a big radiation problem. So it is not still clear up all the disaster. We are worried about many Japan Masters Athletics members in this area. Fortunately, here main AMA office in Wakayama City, we did not have many tragedies because of the far place from these areas. I deeply appreciate your continued friendships and support.

Kiyoshi Konoike, Asia Masters Athletics President

Expectation for Takashi Shimogawara

He is 104 years old and the oldest active- athlete in the world.
The 31st All Japan Masters Track and Field Championships.
The date; 2010 Sep. 17th~ Sep.19th
The venue; National Track and Field Stadium in Tokyo
About 200 participants will attend from 47 prefectures in Japan.

Takashi Shimogawara who is 104 years old and the oldest active- athlete in the world will take part in the Championships. This is remarkable matter. He enters the shot put, the javelin throw and the discus throw. He will challenge to break his own World Records.

The International Gold Masters 2009,KYOTO


  日 時:2009年9月5日(土)・6日(日)
  場 所:京都西京極陸上競技場

  TEL(073)432-0787 FAX(073)432-7416

The International Gold Masters 2009,KYOTO
  Date: Sept.5(Sat.),2009

  Venue:Nishikyogoku Stadium

The 15th Asia Masters Athletic Championships concluded successfully from 13th through 17th in January, 2009. We would like to convey our thanks for your cooperation. You can refer the results of the Championships on the website of Chiang Mai LOC, Thailand.

The 16th Asia Masters Athletic Championships will be held in November、2010. The venue is Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The international Gold Masters 2009,KYOTO/JAPAN

Scheduled date is changed.
The correct date is Sept.5th to 6th,for two days.

It is our great pleasure to announce to the world-wide Masters family that we will hold ‘The International Gold Masters 2009’ a new athletics and swimming competition. The event will be held in Kyoto, Japan from September 5th-6th 2009 as the first ever joint-staging of Athletics and Swimming together. We firmly believe this expanded sports meeting will offer participants a top-class opportunity to achieve their best as well as to win greater friendships and mutual understanding with other members from different countries. As such, we look forward to welcoming you to Kyoto, the Cultural Heart of Japan.


New AMA Handbook was published on 1st July, 2007.


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