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                  animation museum by car!


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Ghibli Museum was founded by Hayao Miyazaki,a well known animation director, 

- Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Totoro-. You can see a process of making animation films and original short films which can be seen only in the Museum theater.The building is like maze. Maigo ni narouyo issyo ni- let°«s lose our way

together - is the concept of the museum.                                                                             

Suginami animation museum is not an exaggeration to say that the animation culture that Japan boasts to the world is sent from Suginami ward, where a lot of animation companies gather. The anime characters born in Suginami ward are looking forward to seeing you

Departure: Monday thru Saturday (without Tuesday).°°*In front of hotel Juyoh. *Pick up and drop off service

will aveilable if you stay in Asakusa area. *On Monday,suginami museum is closed so in place of that we visit skyscraper in Shinjyuku.


 Minimum: 2person


Booking: At first, ask a front to make a phone.Tokyo 3875-5362  If there°«s no one to help you,call us directly. English and some other languages are spoken. Please tell your °»Name, Members, Date,Phone,Hotel°«s name°…etc.*Then we try to get tickets on your requesting day.

This event is cooperated with hotel Juyoh on bookings,offering meet point and so on. Booking reception is also in hotel Juyoh. 2-15-3 Kiyokawa Taito-ku Tokyo. (03) 3875-5362


Start (around Asakusa)Ę™ 1h£Ú/by car Ę™ *£«hibli (90min freetime)  Ę™ 20min/by car Ę™**Suginami animation museum or Sinjyuku skyscraper on Monday(Destination)


*If you need to stay more than 1and a half houres in Ghibli museum, you are on your own.

**The tour disbounds on arrival at Suginami animation museum.But driver will help you to look around the museum within 30 minuts.If you wish to spend extra time there, you can go back to your hotel on your own.

If you don°«t want to enter there or not necessary to spend extra time,return to Asakusa together.


 That is why: we recommend you our plan as a part of °»A Little Bit of Japan°…proglams.       

We are: a group of local residents here in Asakusa and happy to share time with you,folks!

 *********Sorry, but we stopped this program now.*********

we just can offer the person who stays with us as a homestayer