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title:「bone constellations」 〜骨の星座〜

material:fish bones,  white urethane paint   









"Fish have bones."  

It is a natural fact.

But these days, people are too busy to observe these natural facts that are around us, all the time.

I eat fish gently and completely, and observe them carefully.  

I separate the bones, wash them, take the oil out from them, and dry them.

Then, I paint the bones white.

Now, the bones have changed to inorganic pieces, showing their shapes clearly.

All this work is a confirmation of living things for me.

I put each work on a blue carpet.It is an important time for self-meditation.

I recognize that each bone has its own function: that it has a purpose for being there and there is reason

 and meaning for having its beautiful shape.























Photograph: Masafumi Inoue