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Yumiko imahashi

(°Ń2015°°yumiko tanabe)


1972  Born in Kobe, Japan.

Lives and works in Kobe,Japan.




2003  °»Live through°…  (Gallery KANOKO,Osaka)    

2005  °»LIVING THINGS°¶°¶°¶in 10 BOX°…  (Box gallery&bar Finnegans Wake)

2007  °»Wert°…  (Gallery MSSOHKAN,Kobe)  

2011  °»After dish°…  (Outenin,Osaka)



2002  °»KANOKO Exhibition°…  (Gallery KANOKO,Osaka)

2003  °»AMI Exhibition°…  (Gallery AMI,Osaka)

2004  °»Artists in Hyogo connection°… (Gallery Shimada,Kobe)

°»Miniature KOBE 2004°… ° Gallery Shimada,Kobe°ň

2005  °»Miniature KOBE2005°…  (Gallery Shimada,Kobe)

°»Lifegg°… ° Gallery HANEUSAGI,Kyoto°ň

2011°°°»Miniature KOBE 2011°… ° Gallery Shimada,Kobe°ň

2014   Figuration on the Edge° 2kw gallery,Osaka)



2001°°17th HANDS GRAND PRIX  (grand prize)  title °»Re-works°…

           Traveling exhibition  Tokyo (Bunkamura THE MUSEUM)

                                        Osaka (IMP Hall)

                                        Nagoya (Central Towers Plaza Room)

2003  ART STREAM  (PIA prize)   (Minatomachi river place,Osaka)



Sharpen the daily life.

The everyday world is invisible or too visible.

Yearning for death, fear for living, or vice versa.

To suppress such chaotic emotions... just be simple, single-minded.

The act of visualization is a self-verification process for me to know that

I'm alive.

I want to deeply embrace "Everything that exists is here."







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