Naomi & The Boys

The Quests

The Surfers/The October Cherries

Teddy Robin & The Playboys
(Hong Kong)

The Zoundcrackers/Joe Jr & The Side-Effects/Lions
The Corsairs/The Lotus/Mod East
The Phantoms/The High Tops/The Chopsticks

(Hong Kong)

The Fabulous Echoes
(Indonesia/Hong Kong)

Maurice Patton & The Melodians

The Tones/The Saints

The Trailers/Rabbit And His Go-Go Band/Silverstones

The Stylers

The Fabulous Falcons
(Malaysia) Charlie and His Go-Go Boys(Singapore?)
The Brother's Hawk(Singapore?) The Bees(Singapore)
The Vigilantes(Singapore?) Wes Cossacks(Singapore?)
Vagabones(Malaysia) The Stompers(Singapore?)
Charlie & White Cloud Orchestra(Singapore?)
White Crane Orchestra(Singapore?)
The Burns(Singapore?) Tony & The Polar Bear Five(Singapore?)
The Atoms(Singapore?) The Commanders(Singapore?)
The Blue Beats(Singapore?) The Stargazers(Singapore?)
The W.S.Band(Singapore?) D 14 Ever(Singapore?)
The Spacemen(Japan) The Rocking Skippers(Singapore?)
Boy And His Rollin' Kids(Malaysia)
The Falcons(Malaysia) The Commandos(Indonesia)

Dara Puspita

Han River Angels

JVC NIVICO (Export from Japan) 12"(except one 7")
The Spacemen/The Dynamites/Takeshi Onodera & Los Onoderas
The Blue Shadows/Hiroshi Tsutsumi & Allstars Wagon
Yukio Hashi/The Jokers

Freddy Ranarison et son ensemble (Indonesia?)
The Magic Carpet (Hong Kong)
The Thunders (Macau)
D' Pionners (Philipines/Hong Kong)
The Menace (Hong Kong)
D' Starlights (Malaysia?)
The Blue Star Sisters (Hong Kong)
The Ginny Tiu version (Hong Kong)
The Mystics (Hong Kong)
Joe Jr. (Hong Kong)


Rose Iwanaga and the avengers