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Sumi-e Japanese ink art
Hughenden Manor, National Trust UK

Takumasa Ono HENRO Exhibition


Open Dates

7 April - 7May Kedleston Hall, Darby
19May - 17June Dyffryn Gardens, Cardiff
30June - 29July Hanbury Hall, Worcestershire

Inspired by National Trust properties
HENRO Exhibition 2018

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Please more find my art works of the National Trust properties at the National Trust pictures in the National Trust Photo Library and search by the name "Takumasa Ono"

Born in Tokyo in 1959 / Full time artist.
Travels to various regions of Japan and, in support of environmental protection activities, painted the nature in Japan that he hopes will be left untouched. Now, he is working vigorously to introduce traditional Japanese culture to foreign countries. Moreover he is vigorously active to introduce it in the cultural Japanese traditional foreign countries at present.


Takumasa Ono had been working as an artist in Japan, specialising in painting Japanese nature, until he travelled to Britain as an official artist of the Association of National Trusts in Japan in 1999. He held his solo exhibition and Sumi-e workshops as an official programme for JAPAN 2001, a year long celebration of Japanese culture in the UK, co-ordinated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since then he is holding these exhibitions of his artworks and Sumi-e workshops across the UK every year. More than 5000 people have participated in his workshops which were held at the museums, primary and middle school as well as at college in various parts of the UK. Also during his time in the UK, Takumasa has developed a high regard for how organisations such as the National Trust and the Cotswolds Conservation Board help to conserve and enhance the natural landscape.
Part of the proceeds of his exhibition sales are therefore being donated to these charities.

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Wales Millennium Opera Centre of Japan Room
Taitle : View of Snowdonia (12m Sumi-e Paintings)

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