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New recover service for engine to reduce petrol consumption!











Engine start test immediate after process:
The video shows the silence and low vibration engine start after the "ReCover process", (please choose the video, your PC can open, download it by clicking "right click" and then "save as")

The video of the engine smoke reducing after «ReCover» – download video here [15MB – WMV file]

This is the result of the Honda CR–V engine recover.

What opportunities we offer:

How we works

To improve engine performance we do build a distribution and franchisee network worldwide, after the Distributor (partner) sign with us, we do technology transfer and organize the partner’s personal training to make the ReCover process by themselves. Selected partners get our own service centre design and construction’s plans to operate the technology as a franchisee – here is one of the possible service centre design:

franchise with us !

There are nothing wrong with pay for fuel less...

How our service centre works and what they pffer the public:

  Hiper–ionizing is an advanced energy compressing method – THE number 1 among engine and gear wear protection.
Additionally, the engine of a middle engine volume (2L) car WASTES up to 600 liters of fuel for 50’000 km;
– truck engines waste up to 2’000 liters of Diesel fuel for 100’000 km, USELESSLY! Stop that fuel waisting and save the environment!